The importance of learning the basic survival skills in bushcrafting

Bushcraft is testing yourself into the deep and check you survival instinct. In this activity, you will only bring with you, few essential tools, such as bushcraft knife or a bushcraft axe. The other thing you must have with you is a good mental health and the right survival skills, to keep you alive and kicking.

The importance of learning these survival skills

  • To keep you alive in the wild. In the woods, things can happen unexpectedly. Falling from ravines, encounter with wild and venomous animals, lost from the right direction and many more. These skills are important to stay alive in the bush.
  • Using your bushcraft knife, to keep you safe from wild animals attack. Wild animals exist in the woods or in the forest. Knowing and understanding their characteristics will help you avoid them and keep them away from you.
  • Getting water/purification, to help you locate water and make it good for human consumption. One of the survival skills you need to learn is to locate a good source of water. And if you happen to find one, purifying it for human consumption is another important skill to master. Humans cant live long without water.
  • Reading maps and compass, to keep you in the right direction. Getting lost in the forest is another problem that some bushcrafters face. It will be hard to find the way home if you miss your trill. Learning to read maps and compass, will keep you in the right direction.
  • Using the axe, to make you chop woods in a very easy manner. Shelter is a necessity and you can only make it, if you have woods. You need to chop woods and cut trees to accomplish the task. You must learn to use the bushcraft axe or knife before you go into this adventure.
  • Identify food, to make you able to identify which plant are safe to eat. If you find it hard to track the location of wild animals, you can still survive, if you know how to identify edible and plants that is good for human consumption. Learn this skill, to make sure that will have enough nutrients to survive the journey.
  • Understand first aid, to make you able to administer first aid when needed. First aid is the first thing to do in case there is an injury. It is one way to keep the injured person stabilize, before they can be brought to the hospital. Master how to administer first aid in different emergency scenario, so it will be safer to go into bushcraft activity.
  • Cooking, to make you cook your food for a healthy eating.

To make fire, to dry your clothes, to keep you warm